At this point, there will be barriers in place for the first-degree murder trial for George Huguely. It appears no one will see the defendant, unless you are inside the courtroom.

A large protective barrier is now in place to keep Huguely from being seen while making his way into Charlottesville Circuit Court. The chain link fence runs the entire length of the walkway leading into the entrance for those being transported from jail.  It's covered by large green tarps, which will block Huguely from view.

The barrier was not there Wednesday, but we're told it is now in place for security purposes. However, a number of convicted murders, drug dealers and more have been walked into the courthouse without this measure in place.

When asked if this was special treatment for Huguely, Charlottesville Sheriff James E. Brown III answered, "It's not preferential treatment. These are changes that we've made in the past couple of years since I've been in office. And it was also based on the last time we were here - we had people there trespassing to get pictures.  So you learn from things that happened in the past.  We learned from that, so we've adjusted to be able to hopefully deal with what we have coming up."

Sheriff Brown said a hearing Friday will address how the media can have its first chance to see Huguely.