The George Huguely murder trial is receiving attention across the country, and really hitting home for some students at the University of Virginia.

UVA President Terry Sullivan has sent a message to faculty and staff (see below) and an email was also sent to students, which details how they can get help if they feel like they are a victim of violence or witness an act of violence. Counselors are available to help students in need.

This high-profile trial is serving as an education opportunity as well. Thursday evening UVA law professor Anne M. Coughlin will lead a discussion about the legal system in Virginia. The 'Order in the Court: A Real-Life Look at Criminal Procedure' discussion starts at 6 p.m., in Wilson 402. The program, co-sponsored by several student organizations, is open to all students, faculty, and staff. 

The Huguely murder trial starts Monday. We will have team coverage of the trial every step of the way.

UVA President Sullivan Message:

Dear Colleagues:

The trial of George Huguely will begin in Charlottesville Circuit Court on Monday, February 6. As the trial gets under way and the national spotlight focuses on our community once again, nearly two years after the death of Yeardley Love, the effort to create a caring community that we began with the Day of Dialogue will become more important than ever.

As the trial proceeds, details emanating from the courtroom may create or compound emotional distress for our students, faculty, and staff, and demonstrating support for one another will become especially important. During this period, I encourage you to use the resources available at the University. These resources include Office of the Dean of Students, Counseling and Psychological Services in Student Health, the Faculty and Employee Assistance Program, and other services. Some 150 reporters are registered to cover the trial, so we will also see a significant media presence arrive in Charlottesville in the next few days. Reporters will likely seek out interviews with students, faculty, and staff members. Students will soon receive a detailed message from Pat Lampkin, VP for Student Affairs, describing the many resources available for personal support and advice for dealing with media inquiries. This will be available at

As the trial draws near, we have an opportunity to learn about criminal law and procedure in Virginia. U.Va. Law Professor Anne M. Coughlin will lead a discussion tomorrow evening, February 2, at 6 p.m., in Wilson 402. The program, co-sponsored by several student organizations, is open to all students, faculty, and staff. I hope you will attend and encourage others to attend, especially students. More details are available at

Nearly two years ago, our University community came together to grieve the loss of Yeardley Love. The coming days will be a challenging period for our community, as the trial of George Huguely begins and the details of Yeardley's death re-emerge. We will leave the judgment in this case to the justice system, and direct our energy toward creating a truly caring community. Doing this will be the best tribute to Yeardley's life and her memory.

Terry Sullivan
President Sullivan approved distribution of this message.