There are new developments in the first-degree murder case against George Huguely.  He's accused of killing University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love in May of 2010.

New forensic court filings provide a glimpse into some of the evidence that police have tested, and what those results are.  There are a number of new filings in the case.  A hearing is set for Friday, and we have learned a blood test on one piece of evidence doesn't match the victim or the suspect.

A new forensic report in the Huguely case shows that of 17 pieces of evidence that were tested for blood – including clothing, a shower curtain, and red stained swabs from a bathtub - only one came back positive.  And the blood didn't belong to Huguely or Love.

Criminal Defense Attorney Lloyd Snook said, "The commonwealth has a duty to turn over favorable lab reports, favorable to the defense as well as the reports that they intend to use that are unfavorable to the defense."

A source close to the case says a number of other pieces of evidence have also been sent off to the state crime lab for testing.  Those results have come back, but are not in the court file.  We have been told they're favorable toward the commonwealth's case.

Huguely's defense team has also requested a copy of all emails from Love and Huguely's UVA accounts that were sent to Huguely from January 1, 2010 through May 5, 2010.

Witnesses for the two-week February jury trial are being subpoenaed.  Those witnesses include doctors, former UVA tennis players, and current UVA students.

There will also be an unexpected hearing before the trial.  Huguely's defense team has filed four new motions to be heard on Friday.  They deal with sentencing testimony, a reconsideration of the media plan, showing graphic photos to the potential jury pool, and individually questioning potential jurors.

"Maybe you want to ask jurors what do you know about this case, and you don't want to run the risk of if they say 'oh, I heard some wild rumor' or another that has now contaminated everybody who's in the jury pool," said Snook. 

Huguely's hearing is set for 4:00 Friday afternoon.  He has waived his right to appear at these proceedings.