On Monday, two kids and an adult were stabbed at the hands of a 5-year-old at a home along Shady Grove Road in Greene County.  Now the child's mother tells her story to Laura French in a story you will only see on NBC29.

The 26-year-old mother, who we are not identifying to protect the child, says it is a day she can't change but one that will hopefully lead to the help she's been crying out for for the past year. She says she takes full responsibility for Monday's fateful events but she hopes that telling her story will help prevent it from ever happening again. 

The single mother of two said it happened fast and before she knew it three family members were stabbed, in a pool of blood, and her child was to blame. 

The 5-year-old, who was recently expelled from Ruckersville Elementary School, struggles with a mood disorder. 

His mother says "Mommy why is there blood everywhere?" were the first words out of his mouth after he stabbed three family members with a large steak knife.  The first victim was his 12-year-old female cousin. 

Mother: "He reached over and stabbed her in the side of the leg; by then it was not him any longer, he was like a little robot."    

His mother says her son got to this robotic state after a day of feeling picked on.  The final straw was not being able to play with a neighbor's football, not over a juice box, as had been reported.

Mother:  "No it was not over a juice box.  We had told him he could have something to drink so to say it was over a juice box is absurd.  It was over many different things that compiled over an hour's time."

Mom says that is why Greene County deputies were initially called out to the home.

Mother: "Between myself and my sister-in-law we weren't able to keep him restrained so we had to call the police department."       

A Greene County deputy was able to calm the 5-year-old.  The family thought it worked and the deputy went outside to write out his report while the child headed to the kitchen for a drink.  The deputy was outside when her child turned into someone, she says, was not her son.

Mother: "He went to the refrigerator opened it and he kind of stood there and there was this - this blank - he lost himself completely, he was not there any longer."    

She says she thought her son was getting a straw from a drawer until her sister-in-laws, nieces and nephews started screaming "knife". 

Mother: "My nephew, he got upset because he stabbed his sister.  He kept trying to throw things at him, trying to defend his sister and we were trying to hold him back."    

Mom says he stabbed his aunt in the arm while trying to get to his 11-year-old male cousin.

Mother: "When she grabbed her arm we lost control of my nephew and he fell on the floor and that's when he got my nephew in the back of the head and the neck.  The rest of the police came in and they restrained him and it was like we had my son back because he said 'why is there blood everywhere?' He said 'where did it all come from.'"    

Reporter:  "Are you afraid of your son?" 

Mother:  "To say that I haven't been afraid of him at times would be lying." 

Mother:  "Some people watching this tonight are going to think 'how were two adults not able to stop a 5-year-old and how did three people get stabbed?' He's very quick, he's very unpredictable and he will look like he is calmed down." 

His mother says she has been alerting mental health officials of this behavior since he was three. She says unfortunately it took this to get their attention.

Reporter:  "Are you strong enough, do you love your son enough to let him go?"  

Mother:  "I do and it's not so much that I want to let him go, because I don't feel comfortable enough with him being at home. I want him to get the help. I hate that he did it, from the bottom of my heart, it's been so hard to accept.   I can't say sorry enough, but I do love my child."

His mother says it took something so tragic to finally get the help she has been fighting for since her child was three and a half, and that is hospitalization.  We are not disclosing where he is being treated, at the request of the family, but he is under full evaluation at this time. 

His mother says she will be with him every step of the way.  She says he is an extremely charming and smart kid, aside from his outbursts.  She says she wants him to be the airplane pilot he yearns to be someday. She fears if they do not intervene now he will do worse and she will not be able to stop him.