Lawyers involved in the first degree murder case against George Huguely submitted new information Monday to a Charlottesville Circuit Court judge. It involves the jury selection process, which is set to get underway soon.

Huguely is accused of killing Yeardley Love in May 2010 at her apartment on 14th Street. The jury duty notices usually go out about three weeks ahead of the time period the jurors have to be able to serve. But for the George Huguely case, the judge overseeing the case says they will go out in the next few days.

Jurors will have to be able to serve from December 19 through February 17. An orientation day is set for December 19. Huguely's February trial falls in that time frame.

On Monday, lawyers on both sides of the case have provided input on the jury selection process, but that information is being kept confidential. A jury questionnaire has already been finalized with the potential of 300 jurors being called.

Lloyd Snook, a Charlottesville criminal defense attorney said, "Anytime you are talking about summoning 300 jurors that's probably five times the amount that would normally be summoned. Clearly they're concerned about trying to get people who haven't already made up their minds about things."

NBC29 is told that what input does get submitted Monday will not be available for us to see. Another final pre-trial motions hearing in this case has been set for December 20. The trial will start February 6.