If you've seen a ticket on your windshield recently you are not alone. Officers handed out more than 24,000 of them in the last year and some places got hit more than others. We are taking a look at exactly where Charlottesville officers are handing out the most parking tickets, hopefully saving you some money.

Officers write a lot of tickets for safety violations but it also generates a lot of money. In the last year officers were busy writing more than 24,000 tickets citywide, bringing in more than $515,000 in revenue.

For years Flip Dudley made a living selling cars; now as the Charlottesville community service officer, he tickets them.

Dudley said, "The more cars you chalk, the more tickets you're going to write. I mean, it's just a numbers game."

A breakdown of those tickets showed city violators were cited for things like parking on a yellow curb, parking in a permit only zone, but most of all overtime parking, especially downtown.

Dudley said, "There's more folks working downtown than we have parking places. We call it basically the 2 hour shuffle."

Officers wrote more than 1,300 tickets on East Jefferson Street near Court Square. East Market Street, right in front of the police station, also ranked high with nearly 900 tickets. They were busy near UVA too writing more than 1,600 tickets on University Avenue.

Dudley stated, "The kids, they don't tend to have a lot of parking over there, and they have a tendency of parking places they probably shouldn't."

But by far the Water Street parking lot is tops for ticketing. In the last year officers wrote more than 2,700 parking tickets there, mostly for violating the meter ordinance. Every week for much of the year officers have to make sure that lot is cleared for the Saturday morning City Market.

Dudley says avoiding those tickets is all about paying attention to the signage and that's true even in his own household.

Dudley stated, "I have 2 sons myself and they've come home with parking tickets and say, well the sign wasn't there, but yes it was."

Top Ten most ticketed areas in Charlottesville from October 2010 through October 2011:

1.   Water St. Parking lot - 2,756
2.   University Ave - 1,626
3.   E. Jefferson St. - 1,321
4.   E. Market St. - 894
5.   4th St. NE - 877
6.   W. Main St. - 868
7.   13th St. NW - 789
8.   Garrett St. - 779
9.   Jefferson Park Ave. - 737
10. 4th St. SE - 710