A pre-trial motions hearing was held in the murder case against George Huguely in Charlottesville Circuit Court on Friday.

George Huguely's defense team will now have access to Yeardley Love's medical records. A judge in Charlottesville Circuit Court made the ruling late Friday afternoon. The commonwealth will also have access to the records that cover Love's time as a student at the University of Virginia.

Hugely is accused of killing Love in May of 2010. Yeardley Love's records will only be seen by the medical experts on both sides. It is what George Huguely's attorneys were looking for and could turn this case upside down.

The jury questionnaire in the George Huguely case has also been finalized. After striking 10 questions, jurors will have to fill out a sheet containing at least 40 questions, an unheard of move, according to Scott Goodman, a Charlottesville criminal defense attorney.

"There have not been any criminal cases where there has been a printed questionnaire handed out before a jury trial," said Goodman.

Some of the questions deal with juror's media exposure to the case and the specific source. However, detailed questions are under a court seal.

"Up until now, the questions have always been made by the lawyers standing around the counsel table asking the questions spontaneously," Goodman explained.

The defense wants additional evidence to go through DNA testing by January 6. Though, the specific details of what needs to be tested was not released. Huguely's lawyers also request an electronic analysis to be done by December 15. Both sides argued the details on that behind closed doors.

A security plan for dealing with the two week long trial is also slated to be complete by December 19. Charlottesville Sheriff James Brown said, "We've got a really good plan together. When we had the preliminary hearing, we were able to do the things we were looking at doing and we also found a couple of things we can do to make that better and improve on that."

A final pre-trial motions hearing is set for January 20. The trial itself will start on February 6.