The man at the center of a high profile murder case near the University of Virginia will have a court hearing this week. George Huguely's defense team wants access to Yeardley Love's medical records - all of them. The big question is will Wednesday's hearing happen in open court or behind closed doors?

The motion was entered last week in Charlottesville Circuit Court.

Huguely's defense team wants full access to Yeardley Love's medical records while she was a student at the University of Virginia.

Last December, a general district court judge ruled that Huguely's lawyers could have access to information about Love's Adderall prescription.

In the motion, defense attorneys argue that they need their own physician to completely assess the case and understand Love's cause of death to offer testimony during the trial.

Huguely's lawyers are trying to discredit Love's cause of death which is listed as blunt force trauma. They argue that Love died from an irregular heartbeat caused by medication.

Along with this motion is a request to do it in chambers. One lawyer we spoke with outside the case says the hearing will likely happen in private.

Huguely's attorneys and the commonwealth's attorney have not returned a call for a clarification on the issue.