At The Lodge at Old Trail you'll hear the word "Choice" often.  We believe that individuals who choose to become part of our community are choosing to be active and engaged in life. They choose to age well and maintain a positive outlook.  

With a wide variety of accommodations, services and amenities available, each resident chooses what best suits his or her taste and needs.

As a monthly rental community, there are no expensive entrance fees at The Lodge at Old Trail. 

Located in Crozet, VA, The Lodge at Old Trail offers the enjoyment of living in the scenic, serene Virginia countryside with the convenience of being only minutes from historic Charlottesville.

The Lodge is located at the heart of the vibrant mixed use multi-generational development of Old Trail Village. 

You'll see children heading to school in the morning, young families playing on their front lawns, people working in the community you would in any neighborhood with residents of all ages. 

A small shopping plaza that includes a coffee shop, wine bar, restaurant and salon is right across the front lawn.  A golf course and pool are just steps away.

Many houses of worship and excellent medical facilities are also close by. Most importantly, the Lodge is not isolated; it's a vital part of the community, as are our residents.