Some people living in Charlottesville are getting back to the basics of cooking with some help from the sun.

More than a dozen people came out to a solar cooking demonstration on Nassau St. Saturday.  The demonstration was hosted by Transition Charlottesville - Albemarle, a group dedicated to getting people to use less electricity, fossil fuels, and go green for the betterment of the environment and everyone's health.

The group cooked and then ate eggplant parmesan, black rice and brownies all prepared in an outdoor solar oven.

Laurie Delehanty of Transition Charlottesville - Albemarle said, "It saves energy. You're not using electricity, you're not using gasoline, you're not using any fuel except for the sun's energy. It does an excellent job of cooking food, it keeps your house cool, and it's a lot of fun."

This is a part of a series of workshops aimed at showing people how to live without dependence on electricity or fossil fuels.

The group plans to show off the solar oven at next month's Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello.