Some forgotten film footage has resurfaced Monday night, answering once and for all the question of where Charlottesville's long, lost time capsule is really buried.

Tom Hartsell was looking through his father's old 8 mm film that he had converted into VHS tapes years ago. That's when he found footage of Charlottesville's time capsule being buried almost 50 years ago.

"My mother and father were shoebox historians. Every time they saw something, they would clip it out of the paper and put it in a shoebox," said Hartsell.

The time capsule is set to be unearthed during the city's 250th birthday celebration next year. It was believed to have been buried on the side of the Charlottesville Circuit Courthouse. Now, these newly-rediscovered images confirm what underground sensors had indicated.

Historical Society President Steven Meeks stated, "The video also gives us a good visualization of what happened that day and who was involved - which is far more extensive than what we had been led to believe up until this point."

For Hartsell, the find was more personal because he was actually there for the celebration and even got the chance to throw in his own shovel of dirt to help bury the capsule.

The time capsule is set to be unearthed on May 6, 2012. Hartsell says he'll be a part of the ceremony and is hoping to be joined by others who were there on that day 50 years ago.