April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and Charlottesville agencies are teaming up with churches to put a stop to sexual assault in our community.

Charlottesville's first-ever Faith Community Forum is being held Wednesday. The goal is to help clergy members learn how to deal with sexual-abuse situations.

The Sexual Assault Resource Agency; Children, Youth and Family Services; and the Shelter for Help in Emergency are presenting the forum. The Foothills Child Advocacy Center is also a sponsor.

Those agencies will share community resources to help keep children safe. Jasmine Brock, a community outreach coordinator, said:

"What we're finding is that when someone is going through an issue like this, a lot of time they go through their clergy person or someone in their church, so we just want to help churches make sure they have the proper resources and information to handle a situation like this."

The hope is that those who attend the forum will share what they've learned with their congregations and come up with new policies to prevent against child abuse.

The forum begins at 8:30 Wednesday morning at the Charlottesville Boys and Girls Club. Registration is free, and there's still time to sign up.