New details developed on Tuesday in the case against George Huguely, the former University of Virginia student accused of killing Yeardley Love.

The defense and the commonwealth have subpoenaed a total of 25 people to testify during Monday's hearing. It's a preliminary hearing and other defense attorneys say they usually do not have so many witnesses.

Scott Goodman, a defense attorney said, "All the commonwealth has to do is establish probable cause. That is that there was probably a crime and that this person accused is probably the one who did it. Again the word is probably. So it's not a question of the commonwealth having to prove that this person did do it."

Some witnesses are expected, like the medical examiner, who performed Yardley Love's autopsy and police officers who worked the case.

"Most of the time, the commonwealth would put on a bare bones sketch of the evidence just enough to get over that threshold of probability," said Goodman.

But Huguely's defense team has also requested two of Huguely's lacrosse teammates to be in court, the woman who lived next door to Love, two employees from Jimmy John's on the corner, and the manager from Boylan Heights - a popular team hangout.

"It is very unusual for a defense to put on evidence at a preliminary hearing," added Goodman.

Huguely is facing a First Degree Murder charge in connection with the death of Love, last May in Charlottesville.

Huguely's hearing is set for Monday afternoon at 1:00. It will happen in the Charlottesville Circuit Courthouse to accommodate the large crowd expected, though it will technically be a General District Court hearing.