The man accused of killing three people in Madison county went before a judge Thursday morning. Rashad Riddick had the first of what will be many hearings in general district court.

Rashad Riddick spent only 10 minutes at the courthouse this morning. He had nothing to say on the way in, on the way out and during the hearing.

Riddick arrived at the Madison County General District Courthouse under heavy security. He is facing three capital murder charges in connection with last Saturday's killings.

The sheriff says they are checking to see if Chante Davis was pregnant at the time of her death but at this point, there is no word on a motive.

Madison County Sheriff Erik Weaver said, "Still no idea why this occurred. Here you have a family that took care of him, took him in, help him anyway they possibly could and something like this is a mystery."

The sheriff says they have investigators going to Newport News and Hampton Roads daily. They're also waiting on evidence testing results from both DNA and hair fibers to come back from the state crime lab.

Riddick will be back in court on April 15 at the latest. Riddick's attorney asked for a gag order in the case; that is being written today for Judge Roger Morton to consider.