Police have arrested a man in connection with the murder of three people who were found dead in a Madison County home Saturday morning. Rashad Matthew Riddick was arrested Sunday night and now he's facing three charges of capital murder.

New information shows that Rashad Matthew Riddick not only has a past criminal record but also the charges he now faces are for killing members of his own family.

Riddick was arrested for the triple homicide Sunday night at the Newport News Econo-Lodge. He now faces three charges of capital murder accused of killing his uncle, James "Clark" Jackson, Jackson's wife, Karen and her daughter, Chante Davis.

Records show Riddick was just released from jail in November after serving six years for car-jacking, weapons charges, and assaulting a police officer. Madison County investigators and state police have talked to the suspect but have yet to determine a motive.

A man in mourning, Chris Lewis, is trying to find some peace in the place he visited so often to escape city life in Madison County. His girlfriend's family lived here before they were unexpectedly killed.

Lewis stated, "I'm not going to see them no more so, you know, just have closure. That's the main thing."

Lewis says the surviving family members want Riddick to face maximum punishment. Lewis stated, "I never thought, you know, the guy who did this would do something like that."