On Saturday night, the parents of an Orange County woman killed four years ago in a mysterious hit and run accident, reacted to the arrest of their daughter's husband for her murder.

Justine Abshire's parents released a statement to NBC29. It reads in part:

"It's been 4 years, one month, and two weeks since Justine died. Instead of living with her joy and beauty, we have been forced to live with the terror of murder in our family. As we take one step closer to justice for Justine, we hope for the whole truth to come out and for justice to be served."

State police arrested Eric Abshire Friday afternoon. He is charged with first degree murder and perjury. 27-year-old Justine was killed along Taylorsville Road in November 2006 in what some thought was a staged accident.

Investigators have not said what led to Abshire's arrest.

Click here for the entire statement.

Reported by NBC29 HD News