Albemarle County supervisors stayed up late Wednesday night to hear from people on two important issues affecting Crozet. Supervisors worked until midnight to reach a compromise on plans for a new Crozet gas station and approved a revised Crozet Master Plan.

After two years of public hearings and numerous revisions the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors approved the 2010 Crozet Master Plan Wednesday night.

About a dozen people made their final case to supervisors before the plan was unanimously approved. It focuses on improving three downtown centers. The plan also emphasizes maintaining green spaces across the 4.6 square mile region and shows some decreased density from earlier drafts.

"I feel like we tried desperately to open it so people could come and voice their opinions any time they wanted, and I think we've brought a plan to you that we the citizen are very pleased with," stated Meg Holden of the Crozet Community Advisory Council.

Opponents of the master plan argued it will increase traffic and unwanted noise along Route 250.

The plan was repeatedly referred to as a guide, however, and is not connected to any specific funding that would be needed to make the projects possible.

The board was also able to find common ground on another hot button issue in Crozet. The Restore 'n Station that is being planned for Route 250 just west of Western Albemarle High School was originally slated to be about 6,000 square feet.

Supervisors reached a consensus to scale back that plan to one with a 3,000 square foot footprint with no more than five pumps. It would be open for 16 hours a day with no overnight parking. Opponents felt the original plan was simply too large.

"It will attract undesired volumes of traffic including semi tractor trailers into what should be considered a school zone," said Nick Duke of Crozet.

The changes are what supervisors felt were needed in order to approve a special use permit to increase the amount of water that could be used at the site. The group is expected to formally vote on that permit once county staff formalize the scaled-back revisions.

Reported by Keith McGilvery
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