The Lake Monticello Homeowners Association says it's taking full responsibility for the nearly-empty pond at the Acres subdivision. The problem was first reported earlier in the year.

The association thought it solved the problem by putting sand bags along the leak as a temporary fix, but last week's storm dislodged the sand bags and caused the water level to drop.

John Korhonen of the Lake Monticello Homeowners Association said, "We hope to receive proposals to do the repair on the 15th of October. And if we can find a satisfactory contractor the project will be for bid and the spill way will be repaired."

Homeowner Richard Ramos said, "They say they're going to take responsibility for it. I hope to God they do, but as you can see because of the laxness that we've seen regarding the maintenance of it, I'll believe it when I see it."

The association says Acres homeowners will not have to pay for the repair. The developer of the pond set up a fund when it was turned over to the association.

Reported by Julie Bercik
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