It was as if the bottom dropped out of a pond near Lake Monticello Friday morning. The water level dropped, fish were left stranded and worried neighbors were left wondering what went wrong.

A home with a waterfront view is why some people purchased homes in a Fluvanna County community that overlooks a large pond. However, people living around the pond woke up Friday to find most of the water had vanished overnight.

In January resident Cindy Calhoun complained to the Lake Monticello Homeowner's Association that the pond was steadily losing water. Friday, it got much worse. Calhoun says 75 percent of the water disappeared overnight, and now she says fish are dying, algae is growing and the smell is getting worse by the day.

"We pay over $800 a year for homeowner dues," said Calhoun. "Now that gives us access to all the amenities here, which I don't use; the golf course, the swimming pool, the beaches, I don't use those. This is my amenity."

Calhoun was one of the first people to move into the Acres neighborhood surrounding the pond and she says it is the reason she bought the house.

Friday we tried to contact the general manager of the Lake Monticello Homeowners Association - which also includes the Acres subdivision.  We have not yet received a response.

Reported by Derick Waller
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