A former Miller School student-athlete spent a tearful day in court Thursday, as the man who she's accused of running over in a Virginia Department of Transportation work zone testified against her.

Vitalija Vasciunaite cried through Jose Martinez's testimony. Martinez was doing contract work for VDOT on I-64 east bound on July 17, 2010, when he was hit by Vasciunaite's car.

Speaking through a translator in court, he said he was wrapping up his shift when he heard the sound of construction cones falling on the ground. He looked up and saw headlights, and then the car hit him. The impact sent him flying 20 feet.

Co-workers called 911, and he was transported to the University of Virginia Medical Center. The crash left him with a broken arm and leg, as well as damage to his face. Two months later he still needs a walker to get around.

A witness told the judge she did not see the accident, but did see a car driving erratically on I-64. She called police twice, first to notify them of the erratic driver and second to give a partial license plate number.

A second witness named Carl Stout, who is Vasciunaites's friend and owner of the car also testified. Stout told the judge that Vasciunaite arrived at his home after 4 a.m. He wasn't expecting her back because she was supposed to stay the night with a friend in Harrisonburg.

He said she was calm when she returned and made no mention of an accident. According to Stout, Vasciunaite's words were slurred but she didn't smell of alcohol.

Meanwhile, Virginia State Police contacted Stout. He told Virginia State Trooper Thomas Skehan that Vasciunaite was driving the car. When the trooper arrived at Stout's home, he noticed the car had substantial damage.

Trooper Skehan sat down with Vasciunaite and began questioning her. At first she denied hitting anything, but then changed her story. She admitted she hit something but didn't think it was serious enough to stop.

Trooper Skehan said that when he told her she hit a person, Vasciunaite seemed surprised. The trooper gave her a breathalyzer test five hours after the incident. According to the testimony, Vasciunaite had a blood alcohol content of 0.15.

The hit-and-run charge was certified to the grand jury for December 6, 2010, and her DUI charge will also be reviewed.

Reported by Julie Bercik
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