Strong words Thursday from the parents of Morgan Harrington. Dan and Gil Harrington say they are frustrated with the lack of information about the death of their daughter, and they are worried their daughter's killer will strike again.

Thursday the Harringtons made a trip back to the last place Morgan was seen alive, the Copeley Road Bridge. Publicly, this is the first time the Harringtons have come out swinging at investigators. They have frustrations. Some they would not share; some they would.

While they get weekly updates, the Harringtons admit there is not much information provided to them. That is because, they say, the Virginia State Police want to have an air-tight case once an arrest is made.

"They keep things very close to their chest and so the information they give us is really pretty limited," said Dan Harrington. "And obviously the information they give the public and the press is pretty non-existent."

The Harringtons are upset that it took police months to release the information concerning Morgan's Pantera t-shirt. It was found on 15th Street in November but the information was not released until five months later.

Virginia State Police denied a request for an on-camera interview about the case. A spokesperson did say the investigation is progressing, but there is still nothing new to report.

Reported by Henry Graff
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