Records show that George Huguely,  the University of Virginia lacrosse player accused of first degree murder in the death of UVA lacrosse player Yeardley Love, has had past run-ins with the law and several arrests.

Charlottesville police are not releasing any new information about the murder investigation but questions are still being asked about how Huguely's criminal past never raised red flags at UVA.

The Washington Examiner reported Thursday that George Huguely was charged with possession of alcohol by a minor in 2007 in Palm Beach County, FL where his family has a home in Manalapan.

A year later, a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office report details an incident in which Huguely got into a "very heated" argument with his father and cousin on a 40-foot fishing boat. Deputies said Huguely wanted to go back to the beach, but his father would only take him home, so he dove into the Atlantic Ocean to swim the quarter-mile to shore. A passing vessel picked him up. No arrest was made.

In November 2008 Huguely was arrested in November 2008 in Lexington Virginia after resisting arrest on public intoxication. During that incident, the arresting officer says Huguely threatened to kill her.

Officer R.L. Moss of the Lexington Police Department says she spotted Huguely intoxicated and stumbling into oncoming traffic that night. Moss says she felt it was necessary to use a stun gun because Huguely became abusive and she believed she was no match for his size.

Moss stated, "He became more aggressive, more physical toward me, started calling me several other terms that I am not going to state now."

As a result Huguely had to complete 50 hours of community service in March of 2009 at the Charlottesville branch of the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

Kevin Ruddle of the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank said, "They can do anything from helping us to clean the warehouse to helping us pick orders for clients."

But how was Huguely's criminal past missed by the university he attended for four years? Top brass at UVA say they have to stay one step ahead of 20,000 students each day which is challenging.

Dean of Students Allen Groves stated, "We need to look hard at what can we do better going forward."

Effective immediately UVA President John Casteen says they will now screen a state-wide public roster of criminal offenders each semester.

Casteen stated, "We should be using it in a defensive way to protect students against anything that might turn up."

Casteen says his team will be meeting in the coming days and weeks to review the policies at UVA for both students and athletes.

UVA Athletics Director Craig Littlepage said, "Without breaking confidence, without breaking the bond and the trust that's within a team - how we facilitate that flow of information is critical."

Also today - a Charlottesville Circuit Court judge has now sealed all the court records pertaining to this case. There was no public explanation as to why these records should be kept secret, when others not unlike them, are not.

Reported by Henry Graff
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