University of Virginia President John Casteen, flanked by a trio of university officials, was visibly shaken as he spoke publicly for the first time since 22-year-old UVA lacrosse player Yeardley Love was found dead. Men's lacrosse player George Huguely is charged with her murder.

"None of us will pretend to you that the description of the condition of Yeardley Love's body when the police entered the apartment is anything other than a constant image in our heads," Casteen said. 

Casteen was among the officials Wednesday evening who said they had no prior knowledge of Huguely's 2008 arrest in Lexington, Virginia, in which police said he threatened to kill an officer and had to be tasered to be restrained. The Washington Post is also reporting that Huguely had to be separated from Love during an altercation at a party several weeks ago.

This prompted Casteen and Dean of Students Allan Groves to acknowledge there may be gaps in the university's disciplinary system.

Despite the involvement of student-athletes from both the men's and women's lacrosse teams, university officials thought it best to finish out their respective seasons.

"Both lacrosse teams have decided to continue with their seasons," said Groves. "Athletics Director Craig Littlepage says that decision was only made after getting support to do so from Love's family."

"I had been told by her coach, Julie Meyers, that Yeardley would have been PO'ed for this kind of attention for anything other than this team continuing its athletic goals," added Littlepage.

Meanwhile, UVA students start final exams Thursday. Professors of lacrosse players and anyone close to the investigation have been asked to take the tragedy into consideration if a student asks for an extension.

Reported by Libby Allison
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