Mike Comer, the Glenmore man who went missing for four weeks last summer, pleaded guilty Tuesday to the money crimes that prompted his disappearance into the woods near Wintergreen. He may be headed to prison for as many as 120 years.

Mike Comer's problems began when he pocketed a half-million dollars from the Glenmore Neighborhood Association's bank accounts. As auditors moved in he ran.

That led to four weeks of searching, first as a missing hiker case, then later - as police described it - a man looking not to be found.

Tuesday Comer agreed to a plea deal on embezzlement and money laundering charges in Albemarle County Circuit Court. He also agreed to pay $167,000 in restitution.

Mike Comer will be formally sentenced in Albemarle Circuit Court on June 30th.

Reported by Julie Bercik
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