The 56-year-old Sherando man accused in the parkway shootings is now charged with one count of first-degree murder. Ralph Leon Jackson also faces an attempted capital murder charge and the possibility of two life sentences.

The much-expected upgrade came Monday, following Friday's death of Timothy Davis, one of the two people shot. Davis and Christina Floyd were struck in the back by a shotgun blast on week ago.

Jackson was arrested on Wednesday after a SWAT team raid on his home near Sherando. A CrimeStoppers tip led police to Jackson's home and the case required the cooperation of officers at every level.

"There were some federal tactical people there, federal support people there," said Augusta County Sheriff Randy Fisher. "They're used to doing interviews, they're used to setting up perimeters, they're used to doing entries too. So everybody knows what their job is."

The investigation team included a deputy from Montgomery County, where there is an unsolved murder case that's similar to the parkway shootings.

Jackson is being held without bond in the Middle River Jail. Court documents filed Monday claim that he has confessed to the shootings.

Reported by Ken Slack
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