A popular Charlottesville DJ is dead, just days after he was shot along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Now his music family is sharing memories of the man they'll miss. 

Twenty-seven-year-old Tim Davis worked as a DJ at Charlottesville's WNRN. His friends there describe him as a ‘guys-guy' who had a great sense of humor. 

Davis and his friend Christina Floyd were shot while watching the sunset along the Blue Ridge Parkway Monday night. Davis was the more seriously injured of the two, and there had been concern from the very beginning about his surviving the wounds. 

It's reported Davis was removed from life support at 4:30 Friday afternoon. Davis grew up in Virginia and joined the staff at WNRN in 2006. His friends there say he was easy to love. 

Friend Tad Abbey says, "Tim is the kind of guy who had a great sense of humor, he brought laughter into the office every time he walked in the door; he just knew how to make people smile very, very quickly." 

The Assistant Commonwealths Attorney for Augusta County says the charges against Ralph Leon Jackson will be upgraded Monday to First Degree Murder for Tim Davis and Attempted Capital Murder for Floyd. Both carry a sentence of twenty years to life in prison.

Reported by Keith McGilvery
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