The woman attacked and burned inside her home Monday is doing better and we are learning more about the man who police say doused her with kerosene and struck a match. One of the victim's family members says that her condition is improving, the victim's two children are being cared for, and the suspect is due in court Wednesday.

While the scene of a horrific fire in Stanardsville is now quiet, for those who witnessed what happened at the Main Street apartment, it continues to haunt them.

"I woke up and all I seen was her face, you know what I'm saying?" described neighbor Merle Williams. "Her screaming and stuff. I can't get over that at all."

Eyewitnesses say 36-year-old Cordrick Dade doused Yulanda Chambers with kerosene and then set her on fire. Chambers was getting their two children ready for school. Neighbors say the couple broke up last October, but the situation seemed okay.

"He was the quiet type. He kept to his self," said Williams. "But, you know, you have to watch those quiet types."

Greene County investigators interviewed Dade on Monday after catching him. They were back out combing the scene for clues early Tuesday morning, sifting through charred wood, plastic and two children's bikes.

"We're not releasing anything about the investigation process," said Greene County Sheriff Scott Haas. "We don't want to taint the jury pool."

Court records show the suspect has been charged with two felonies: arson and malicious wounding. Dade will go before a judge in Greene County General District Court Wednesday morning for a bond hearing.

"We're just fortunate it doesn't happen that often," said Haas. "Any kind of a burn injury is traumatic. We hope that she's doing better."

Looking back on Dade's criminal record, he has written a number of bad checks, and was found guilty of taking a car without permission back in 2000. There is no evidence of domestic violence, however, before Monday's alleged attack.

Reported by Henry Graff
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