A controversial person from the George W. Bush administration is touring the University of Virginia. John Yoo, author of the infamous "torture memos", started off his day just as he ended it; surrounded by a sea of protesters. 

His day began at the Miller Center and wrapped up on UVA Grounds with a speech at Minor Hall, and the protesters were with him every step of the way. Yoo wasn't able to get out a single word before protesters began challenging his views. Two people had to be removed by UVA police, while several others left on their own. 

During his talk, Yoo spoke about broad presidential powers and the torture memos he penned under the Bush administration. Yoo says, "In a normal war where people fight by the rules we never have to think about these questions. But with this kind of terrible enemy who carried the kind of surprise attack on civilians, defenseless civilians on 9-11, the government had to figure out what to do." 

Protester David Swanson says, "He authorized torture which is a crime. He authorized warrantless spying which is a crime. He authorized lawless imprisonment." 

A much larger group of people rallied against Yoo in front of Minor Hall on grounds. As for the protesters, Yoo says what he was doing in government was protecting the right of people to exercise their right to speak out, even if it is against him.

Reported by Henry Graff
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