If you would like to pay more taxes to support Albemarle County or Charlottesville, now you can. Keith Drake of the Albemarle County Taxpayers Association is organizing a political action committee called "IMPACT" which stands for "I'm paying additional county or city taxes." The committee is hoping those who want more government services will donate money to pay for it.

Drake stated, "IMPACT is a one stop clearinghouse for people to send in a check, make an online donation, make a designation where they want it to go and every quarter we will pay that money to the locality that they've designated."

Drake says he got the idea at a budget hearing in Albemarle last week when people offered up checks to county supervisors.

Reported by Henry Graff
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Press Release:

I'M Paying Additional County/City/Commonwealth Taxes (c)

New organization provides valuable resource for the
terminally under taxed

Charlottesville, VA, March 8, 2010

In these difficult economic times, local and state governments are not receiving the significant increases in revenues to which they have become accustomed. While many support raising taxes on everyone to continue tax revenue growth, others are simply not able to pay more: they've lost their jobs, work at reduced wages, are being furloughed, or are on a fixed income.

"Those who are able and want to pay more taxes--should," stated Keith C. Drake, IMPACT's co-founder.  He continued, "IMPACT provides an opportunity for those who support tax increases to 'put their money where their mouth is' and pay additional taxes."

There are no limits on donations.  Additional tax payments may be sent to:

2160 Viburnum CT
Charlottesville, VA 22911

Those who wish to pay online can visit: ImpactVa.wordpress.com.  At the end of every calendar quarter, IMPACT will send a payment of monies received to Albemarle, Charlottesville, or Virginia -- as designated by the donor.

"When I served on Charlottesville City Council (2002-06), I encouraged citizens asking for tax increases to individually make extra tax payments to the City, but we received very few," said Rob Schilling, IMPACT's co-founder.  "However, we're now facing even more dire economic conditions, so I'm confident that the 'tax me more' segment of our community will step forward and pony-up to solve our current budget 'crisis', " he continued.

Drake noted, "I got the idea to form IMPACT at last Wednesday's (March 3, 2010) Albemarle Public Budget Hearing.  There were literally dozens of people asking to be taxed more, but very few actually dropping off a check.  I thought that by donating my time, technical skills, and marketing expertise to organize and promote IMPACT, I could eliminate a lot of the legwork and make it easy for citizens to pay additional taxes."


IMPACT is organized as a Political Action Committee under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It has quarterly financial filing requirements; its reports are public information.