Bob Canosa has been laid to rest. Earlier this month, the sheriff's investigator was shot in his Orange County home and died days later. 

Hundreds gathered in Madison County to honor their fallen father, son, comrade, neighbor, and friend. It was a standing room only crowd, and some people showed up more than an hour before the service began. 

Canosa's casket was draped with an American flag in honor of his service to the United States Marine Corps. During the funeral, one of his daughters choked back tears as she read a poem that she wrote for him when she was in the 5th grade. 

Canosa was an investigator in Orange County for a little more than two years. 

Orange County Sheriff Marc Amos said, "He was very energetic in everything he did.  Wanted to please not only his coworkers, but he wanted to please the public that he served. It's a tremendous loss.  I mean just the camaraderie, his skills, his abilities.  You look and the man had almost 30 years of law enforcement service, so it's a tremendous loss." 

Bob Canosa is survived by his two children, Caitlin and Joseph, and his parents. 

Canosa was shot December 11th and died a few days later at the University of Virginia Medical Center.

His estranged wife, Brenda Lee Canosa, is charged with first degree murder.

Reported by Tracy Clemons
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