One year ago a terrorist attack in Mumbai India killed more than 150 people. The dead included a father and daughter from central Virginia. Now the wife and mother is talking with NBC29 about how her life has changed and what she's doing to move forward.

We sat down with Kia Scherr for about an hour this week. She talked about watching the video of the attack from thousands of miles away and how it claimed the husband she loved the daughter she misses. She also shared news of her new passion, one she's pursuing in their honor.

For Kia Scherr of Nelson County looking at pictures of her husband Alan and her 13-year-old daughter Naomi brings back vivid memories. A terrorist attack in Mumbai India took their lives one year ago.

Kia said, "I just kind of fell to the floor and collapsed and dropped the phone and my mother came in and I just said turn on the news."

The Scherr's were members of the Synchronicity Spirituality Group based in Nelson County. Kia and Alan were in India on a two-week retreat with 23 others.

Kia said, "I was praying that they were in their rooms just hiding out safely, but later we found out that they were the only ones that weren't accounted for from the whole Synchronicity group."

Scherr lived here on the Synchronicity grounds with her husband and daughter before they died. Now its home to the One Life Alliance she helped to create in their memory.

Kia said, "The purpose is to inspire and encourage the conversation to honor the sacredness of life, first in one's self and then in each other."

Scherr's spiritual mentor and partner on the new web-based forum for world peace says her ability to find hope in heartache comes after years of finding peace herself.

Synchronicity leader Master Charles Cannon said, "Her response to this and her transformation, and her healing is born of her life experience."

It's a life experience few can imagine, as is her message to the men who stand charged in killing the family she moves on without.

Kia stated, "I am sorry that you were so disconnected to yourself, and so disconnected to humanity that you would kill another human being, I have compassion for you."

Scherr says she doesn't support the death penalty for the men who killed her husband and daughter. She's says they deserve to lose their freedom and hopes they can find inner peace.

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Reported by Keith McGilvery
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