Mike Comer, who has been missing since July 1, turned himself in at the Mountain Inn at Wintergreen about 4:30 p.m. Monday, said Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks. The Mountain Inn is the main lodge for the resort and is located about 100 yards from where crews searched for him earlier in July. Comer was also turned over to Albemarle County police for questioning and later arrested.

Comer vanished from the family's property at Wintergreen on July 1. It was the same day Comer, who was treasurer of the Glenmore Community Association for 15 years, was supposed to show for a meeting to "discuss incomplete data made available to the auditor". Later, results of an audit of the club's finances revealed it was missing more than $600,000. Comer was also president of the Glenmore County Club and an employee of Glenmore Associates. He had access to all of their bank accounts.

Glenmore Associates has repaid $255,000 of money found missing in audit reports. The community association president says they're working on a payment plan with Glenmore Associates to have the money plus interest paid back in a year.

Last week, Comer's wife put two of the family's homes up for sale. One was listed for $1.3 million. Comer's brother-in-law said the family was advised to sell the home for financial reasons.

The Nelson County Sheriff's Office was investigating his disappearance. Wintergreen police detained Comer and transferred him to Albemarle County police. Albemarle County police questioned Comer and according to the magistrate at the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail, he was arrested after 10 p.m. 


Albemarle County police will have more on the case Tuesday. Comer is charged with embezzlement and has been release on $50,000 bond after a video appearance in Albemarle Co. General District Court Tuesday morning.

Reported by Henry Graff
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Glenmore Community Association's Trevor Joscelyne said, "We're happy he's back home safe and sound." He couldn't say anything more about it except that now the missing money issue is out of their hands and into those of Albemarle County police.