Michael Comer disappeared Wednesday and no one seems to know where he went. A search near his home at Wintergreen turned up nothing.

Friday, Comer's family talked to NBC29 about their situation. The family says Mike Comer may have never gone for a hike at all.

The last time anyone heard from him, they say, was about 9:30 Wednesday morning when he talked to his mother on the phone. Hours later his car, his keys, and cell phone were found.

"We went through brainstorming: 'what are the possibilities? Where could he be?' and then somebody said, 'maybe he went up to his Wintergreen house'...and there was his car," recalled Jeff Gaffney, Comer's brother-in-law.

Gaffney says someone found the car, along with keys and a cell phone about 7:30 Wednesday night near Comer's home at Wintergreen.

"I can only assume since his car is at Wintergreen that's where he went....What happened after 9:30 we are not at all clear on," said Gaffney.

Thursday search and rescue crews hunted the trails of Wintergreen looking for Comer. Thurdsay night, Wintergreen police and the Nelson County sheriff called off that effort. Now, police will only tell us that the investigation is still ongoing.

"It doesn't fit. It doesn't all fit together. It doesn't make any sense," said Gaffney. "Not being able to solve this is by far the hardest part."

45-year-old Mike Comer is treasurer of the Glenmore Country Club in Albemarle County, and well known there.

"I think everybody's anxious, everybody's trying to see what's going on. Everybody's saying prayers for the family and hope everything turns out fine," said Glenmore member Jim Shannon.

The family seems to have just as many questions as everyone else.

"It's really hard on his wife Kandi, his two children, his mother-in-law.The whole family is really broken up about this," shared Gaffney.

Gaffney says they are staying in constant contact with the Wintergreen police and Nelson County sheriff. NBC29 did ask him if police are expanding the search, perhaps into Albemarle County where Comer lives, but as of now police in Nelson are in charge of the investigation.