NexGen Announces Production Availability of World's First 700V and 1200V Vertical GaN Semiconductors With Highest Switching Frequencies

Published: Feb. 2, 2023 at 11:00 AM EST

NexGen Vertical GaN® Semiconductors to Deliver Best-in-Market Avalanche and Short-Circuit Ruggedness for Automotive and Other High Power Applications by Third Quarter 2023

 SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- NexGen Power Systems, Inc., the global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of Vertical GaN® semiconductors for high power applications, today announced engineering sample availability and production schedules for its industry best 700V and 1200V NexGen Vertical GaN® semiconductor devices. NexGen's 1200V Vertical GaN e-mode Fin-jFETs are the only wide-band-gap devices to have successfully demonstrated >1 MHz switching at 1.4kV rated voltage. Sampling on a limited basis to strategic customers and partners since mid-2022, NexGen's Vertical GaN semiconductors are expected to begin full production in the Third Quarter of 2023.


"No other semiconductor device can match the performance characteristics that NexGen Vertical GaN® offers, and we are incredibly proud to be the first company ever to deliver, from our facility in Syracuse, New York, production samples of 700V and 1200V devices using GaN-on-GaN technology," said Shahin Sharifzadeh, the company's Chief Executive Officer. "Simply put, NexGen's semiconductors will allow our customers to develop power solutions that they have not been able to do with Silicon, Silicon Carbide or GaN-on-Silicon technologies. While many have talked about it for decades, by the third quarter of this year, NexGen will deliver production quality Vertical GaN semiconductor devices operating at 1200V and switching frequencies of up to 10MHz, while able to withstand avalanche voltages of 1470V. As we move into full scale production after the significant manufacturing strides we made in the last year, we look forward to seeing our automotive, data center, LED lighting and industrial customers deliver fundamental, market changing, improvements in the power efficiency and performance of their products."

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About NexGen Power Systems:

NexGen Power Systems designs, develops and manufactures NexGen Vertical GaN® semiconductors for innovative high power applications and power conversion systems. NexGen's smaller, lighter and more efficient power systems make possible the next generation of power conversion and power generation systems and will accelerate the transition to cleaner and improved renewable energy sources. NexGen's seminal patent portfolio for Vertical GaN technologies includes more than 100 fundamental patents in Vertical GaN device architectures, process technology and circuitry.

NexGen is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and manufactures its NexGen Vertical GaN® semiconductors in the United States at its facility in Syracuse, New York.

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