The Pulte Family Applauds The Gilbert Family Foundation $13 Million Gift to Detroit Residents

Published: May. 24, 2022 at 10:36 AM EDT

DETROIT, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Pulte Family, known in homebuilding for Bill Pulte's experience inside of Pulte Homes and PulteGroup Inc, applauds The Gilbert Family Foundation for its large $13 million gift which will help residents from being kicked out of their homes. The Gilbert Family has chosen to give a directly impactful Hand Up.

William J. Pulte and William J. Pulte with Mayor Dave Bing in Detroit’s Eastern Market...
William J. Pulte and William J. Pulte with Mayor Dave Bing in Detroit’s Eastern Market Neighborhood in February 2013(PRNewswire)

"Dan Gilbert, Jennifer Gilbert, and The Gilbert Family have always been rock solid in helping people in Detroit neighborhoods, and this Gift cements that even further! When my Grandfather and I were looking for support for our efforts to remove blight in Detroit, Dan Gilbert was always helpful and supportive, even housing our efforts for free, something my grandpa truly appreciated him doing. Congratulations to The Gilberts on, again, leading by example!", said William J. "Bill" Pulte (b.1988).

"Even when some non-business family members didn't support the Pulte Homes Founder William J. Pulte's differences with the Dugas Management Team at PulteGroup Inc, Dan Gilbert shared his concerns about the Dugas Management Team by tweeting, 'punk CEO & invertebrate board even worse than its P&L [profit and loss] last 5 years &that's hard to do'. The Pulte Family truly appreciated him calling it like it was!" said a Pulte Family spokesperson.

In the 100+ person Pulte family, the billionaire home builder left much of his institutional giving mandates to two of his fourteen children and his business plans for Pulte Homes to his grandson, Bill Pulte (b. 1988) who was brought into Pulte Homes during the Fortune 500 company's 2016 turnaround. These are the separate roles that William J. Pulte (1932-2018) wished for the family to maximize its impact.

William J. Pulte wished that his grandson, also Bill Pulte, hold onto and implement his business vision. Bill Pulte will release his grandfather's vision for the homebuilding business this summer, "The Pulte Plan."

The Bill Pulte Foundation, funded through the personal generosity of Pulte Homes Founder William J. Pulte, mirrors the personal generosity exhibited by The Pulte Family who currently funds education scholarships to current and former Pulte Homes employees through its "Pulte Shares" program.

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