Published: May. 24, 2022 at 12:39 PM EDT

With Over 70,000 Videos and Over 15,000 Hours Available for Distribution, pocket.watch Emerges as Key Supplier of Kids and Family Content

LOS ANGELES, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Pocket.watch, the leading kids and family studio creating global franchises for Generation Alpha, today announced the addition of 13 new creators to its roster of global superstars. The move significantly expands the company's audience, content library, and original content slate with the world's biggest kids and family digital stars. The new creators bring further diversity, broader age ranges and new formats to pocket.watch, which already boasts content and original intellectual property from powerhouse creators like Ryan's World, Toys and Colors, Onyx Family, Kids Diana Show and LankyBox, the current No. 1 gaming channel on all of YouTube.

Pocket.watch becomes largest independent kids and family content studio.
Pocket.watch becomes largest independent kids and family content studio.(PRNewswire)
pocket.watch Emerges as Key Supplier of Kids and Family Content

Pocket.watch continues to create unprecedented value for the creator community and for its global distribution partners with a strategy that builds upon its existing content already consumed at staggering rates. In 2021, pocket.watch content was watched for over 4 billion hours across the company's 44 global distribution partners including AVOD, SVOD and linear platforms in over 129 countries. By integrating these new creators into their unique content distribution offering, pocket.watch is positioned for significant growth in 2022 and beyond. These additions bring the company's library to over 70,000 videos, cumulating to more than 15,000 hours of content available to streaming platforms for distribution. The company continues to innovate the way it packages content to include new formats beyond its breakthrough MishMash™ format which transforms short-form videos into twenty-two minute episodes capable of being distributed on all types of premium platforms globally.

Pocket.watch is also developing original content inspired by many of its new partners, opening up the opportunity for these creators to participate in entirely new franchises that grow way beyond YouTube - following in the footsteps of other pocket.watch originals like the Emmy-nominated Ryan's Mystery Playdate and the animated series Onyx Monster Mysteries and Love, Diana Adventures.

"The pocket.watch library of kids and family content is unlike any other in the industry," said Chris M. Williams, Founder and CEO, pocket.watch. "Our unique approach to packaging content, as well as our skills in developing original content with the biggest digital stars and creators in the world allows us to supply all types of streaming platforms with proven content and IP that attracts and engages massive audiences everywhere it goes, while providing our creator partners with new opportunities to monetize content beyond YouTube."

New pocket.watch creators represent a broad range of quality kids and family content genres including gaming, art instruction, preschool animation, edutainment and sketch comedy. They are listed below alongside the number of total views for their channel(s) on YouTube in the month of April 2022.

For more information about the pocket.watch roster of franchises and creators and its premium slate of content, visit pocket.watch.

About pocket.watch
Pocket.watch is the leading studio building kids and family entertainment franchises with the most popular digital creators in the world. Pocket.watch harnesses the power of audiences built on YouTube and expands them across all types of diverse kids and family platforms and experiences. The company brings kids more of what they love from these creators by producing original video and audio content, mobile games, metaverse worlds, live events and robust consumer products lines ranging from toys to toothbrushes. Key pocket.watch franchises include Ryan's World, Love, Diana, Onyx Monster Mysteries and Toys and Colors: Kaleidoscope City.

The company's content library, consisting of tens of thousands of kids and family videos, is distributed globally on over 40 platforms, generating hundreds of millions of hours of viewership every month. The content library comprises many seasons of the company's breakthrough MishMash™ format alongside pocket.watch originals including the Emmy-nominated Ryan's Mystery Playdate and the animated series Onyx Monster Mysteries and Love, Diana Adventures.

Pocket.watch's gaming division, p.w Games, boasts multiple mobile game successes including Love, Diana Fashion Fabulous and Tag with Ryan, which together boast over 40 million downloads.

The company generates massive value for advertisers and digital creators through their in-house creative and media agency, clock.work, which creates best in class media and branded entertainment campaigns with the world's largest advertisers, marrying the massive reach of the pocket.watch network audience with custom integrations and scaled media programs across YouTube, YouTube Kids, mobile gaming, OTT channels and the metaverse.

Founded in 2017 by Chris M. Williams (CEO), the company's headquarters and filming studios are located in Culver City, Calif. The executive team includes studio veterans and visionaries from a mix of traditional and digital entertainment backgrounds, including Xavier Kochhar, Albie Hecht, Jon Moonves, and Kerry Tucker.

For more information about pocket.watch, please visit pocket.watch.

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