Mux becomes first platform to unify all video formats, accelerating how developers build rich front-end video experiences

Published: May. 24, 2022 at 1:00 PM EDT

Mux launches Real-Time Video, giving developers simple workflow for video on demand and live and real-time video

SAN FRANCISCO, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Mux, the leading video infrastructure platform, today announced the availability of Mux Real-Time Video, providing developers with an intuitive solution for building multi-party communication functionality into any application. Real-Time Video seamlessly integrates with Mux's existing offerings, including video on-demand and live video, giving developers a one-stop shop for all their communication, recording, broadcasting, and streaming requirements.

Mux Meet, an open source real-time video conferencing application, built on Mux Real-Time Video.
Mux Meet, an open source real-time video conferencing application, built on Mux Real-Time Video.(PRNewswire)

With more than 80 percent of all Internet traffic today now video (source:  Cisco), developers are bringing video into every type of web and application experience. Beyond the mature streaming video market that's forecasted to reach $94 billion by 2024 (source: PwC), the emergent real-time video market powered by WebRTC is expected to experience a growth rate of 43 percent annually and reach nearly $40 billion by 2027 (source: Brandessence). Mux is a platform that serves the global audience of developers creating native video experiences in their applications and web sites.

"We're seeing a surge in demand for real-time video from the thousands of developers using Mux," said Jon Dahl, CEO and co-founder of Mux. "They want to create real-time experiences with the same power and simplicity as they can for on demand and live video. Mux is the first developer platform to unify all three of these video formats, each with their own discreet challenges, into a single API that makes the developer experience as seamless as possible."

Unlike live video, which is a one-to-many format where seconds or even minutes of latency can be acceptable, real-time video is a many-to-many format, where latency must be 150 milliseconds or less for seamless user experiences. Popularized by Zoom and other web conferencing solutions, real-time video is taking web sites and application experiences by storm, creating massive opportunities to accelerate business opportunities. With easy integration, documentation and support, flexible SDKs, and transparent pricing, developers can leverage Mux Real-Time Video for a host of use cases, including:

  • Online events - from professional meetings with a handful of people, to webinars, to conferences
  • Fitness and Wellness - beyond live streamed classes where attendees can watch but not interact, fitness professionals can conduct personalized coaching or host smaller, more engaging classes
  • Collaboration - Augment your application with collaborative video. Whether you're building a graphic design tool, presentation software, or CMS, collaborating through video can be more engaging and productive
  • Education - leverage the flexibility of Real-Time Video to build features that maximize engagement and participation from students in e-learning settings

"When COVID forced industry events to shift abruptly from physical to virtual venues, hybrid models became the norm. These require seamless integration of not only live broadcast and on-demand video, but also real-time video engagement between presenters and their audience–and among attendees. Mux is the first platform to give developers a single API for managing all three of these video formats, and is a game changer allowing theCUBE to build a differentiated and scalable hybrid-events platform on top of Mux, supporting  the world's largest enterprise tech companies and their global communities of millions." said Kent Libbey, GM of CUBE365 at SiliconANGLE Media.

Mux Real-Time Video is now available in public beta. With 1000 free participant minutes every month, and additional minutes costing $0.004 with no minimum, there's no cost to get started and no commitment as you stream. Interested developers and enterprises can contact the Mux team for access.

Along with the launch of Real-Time Video at their inaugural customer conference, The Mux Informational (TMI), Mux is also previewing products built on top of their Real-Time Video offering, including Live Studio, an offering that will enable developers to produce high quality live streams directly from web browsers with only a few lines of code, making live streaming more accessible than ever.

About Mux

Mux is a video infrastructure platform for developers that takes the complexity out of live and on-demand video. Hundreds of publishers including Robinhood, PBS, ViacomCBS, Equinox Media, and VSCO rely on Mux to deliver the highest quality video experience to their users without having to hire a team of embedded video experts. San Francisco-based Mux was founded in 2015 by experts in online video, including the creators of the biggest open-source video player on the web (Video.js), the largest transcoding service in the cloud (Zencoder), and the premier conference for video engineers (Demuxed). For more information visit or follow @MuxHQ.

CONTACT: Jennifer Cloer, 503-867-2304

Mux's upcoming Live Studio makes live streaming more accessible than ever for developers.
Mux's upcoming Live Studio makes live streaming more accessible than ever for developers.(PRNewswire)

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