Cora Dickey

Augusta County Bureau
Cora Dickey

Cora Dickey joined WHSV in September 2022, after spending 17 months reporting in Grand Junction, Colorado! She was born and raised in South Carolina and received her journalism-concentrated bachelor's degree in Communication at Regent University in Virginia Beach back in 2019.

She is a people person with a flair for broadcasting! With less than two years of full-time experience under her belt, Cora is already an award-winning reporter after placing first at the 2022 Colorado Broadcasters Association Awards for Best Video Essay with No Narrative. Words cannot describe how stoked she is to be back on this side of the country, closer to friends and family.

Aside from reporting, Cora loves to dance, watch a good movie/tv show, exercise, throw axes, cheer people on in karaoke, volunteer, and just enjoy life. Her goal is to blend interpersonal communication with creative storytelling as she illustrates each story to its fullest capacity.