The FDA recently recommended that Allergan – a company that sells breast implants – voluntarily recall one of their products due to concerns about breast implant associated illness, including a very rare cancer associated with scar tissue. 

“This is not a recall of all breast implants,” noted Dr. Victoria Vastine with The Center for Plastic Surgery at Sentara Martha Jefferson. “This is a recall of a very specific type of breast implant, specifically, a texture type.” 

Dr. Vastine says the specific implant is rarely used at The Center for Plastic Surgery at Sentara Martha Jefferson. She also notes that, in general, it’s not super common across the country. 

“On average, there are about 350,000 implants a year for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.  Only 12% are even a textured implant, of which this is a very small percentage of those implants,” commented Dr. Vastine. 

However, Dr. Vastine urges women to ask questions if they have concerns, and says that women should maintain a good relationship with their surgeon.

“I think it is important that plastic surgeons take the health and well-being of their patients seriously. This is an extremely rare process and we are on top of it to the best of our ability,” said Dr. Vastine. 

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