Micah’s Coffee opens new headquarters in Staunton

Micah’s Coffee opens it’s newest location in Staunton, after losing the Waynesboro location...
Micah’s Coffee opens it’s newest location in Staunton, after losing the Waynesboro location earlier this year.(WHSV)
Published: Aug. 21, 2023 at 6:07 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 21, 2023 at 6:20 PM EDT
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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) - Micah’s Coffee opened it’s newest location in Staunton, after losing the Waynesboro location earlier this year.

In January, the Waynesboro location for Micah’s Coffee was struck by an ambulance; rendering the establishment unoccupiable and closed indefinitely until it was rebuilt.

Robert and Megan Collier, co-owners of Micah’s Coffee, have worked around the clock and through hardships to get this new location set-up. Located at 704 Richmond Ave in Staunton, the new coffee shop resides in the building where the Valley Community Services Board and Ritchie Law Firm used to be.

The Colliers said they bough the property in early 2022, and had many setbacks including the Waynesboro location closing that delayed the opening. They also said it was a “relief” to finally have this location open and be able to have a ”headquarters” to run operations for their business.

They said the past year has been a time of uncertainty, but their customers helped them push through.

“Because our customer base is so loyal because the people in the valley are so supportive of small business,” Megan Collier said. “Every one transition and went to [Stuarts] Draft, we are indebted”

Robert Collier said nothing is guaranteed and building the Staunton location was a risk for the organization, especially after losing their Waynesboro location. He said the community support for Micah’s has helped them pave the road for recovery.

“You do all the things, you do all the work. You still have to hope that people show up and supports,” Robert Collier said. “I think that since we have such a great brand and people support us., I think people know about us. They feel like they’re coming for quality, and speed and service and they know we provide that.”

The Colliers said even in hard times, they both were determined and never gave up.

“Short term pain, long term pay of,” Megan Collier said. “We pressed on, we pressed through but also we’re just real hard-headed. We just don’t quit.”

Robert Collier said the Staunton expansion is more than a new store for Micah’s. It gives office spaces for their management, storage space for their dry goods, a walk-in fridge to store perishables like milk and cream and a dedicated space for a bakery which they hope to spread baked goods to their other locations.

“When I bought Micah’s I felt like it was something I was going to try and duplicate and master it for myself,” Robert Collier said. “I just knew at some point we needed something like a hub, this allows us to even grow more.”

Megan Collier said baristas at the Waynesboro location would have to make “milk runs” almost three times a day depending on how busy the day was. She said the new space will not only store the milk, but be able to buy more things in bulk and store it for use. She said it should hopefully be once a week now.

Robert Collier said the only thing holding them back from rebuilding the Micah’s location in Waynesboro is logistics and “red tape” matters through the city. He said as soon as they get the word that they can rebuild, they will start construction immediately.