Elementary school teacher placed on leave after alleged assault of student

Mother of twin boys says her children were mistreated at Fox Elementary
A Richmond mother says a teacher at Fox Elementary allegedly assaulted one of her twin sons and...
A Richmond mother says a teacher at Fox Elementary allegedly assaulted one of her twin sons and disregarded allergies the student had.(WWBT)
Published: May. 19, 2023 at 6:55 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Ebony Raye, whose twin sons attend Fox Elementary, shares her sons were mistreated at school.

In the most recent incident, she got a call from one of her sons describing what happened to him.

“(The teacher) is being mean to me, and Aiden and we don’t know why, mama. She just keeps being rude,” said Raye, describing the call from her son. “She grabbed me up by my arms and yelled in my face. I kept telling her that was the arm I had broken. You’re hurting me.”

Angered by the news, Raye filed a police report with Richmond police and pulled her children out of school.

“My kids will not return to William Fox until it is deemed safe because they have removed (the teacher) from school or any access to my sons,” said Raye.

According to Raye, this is not the first incident with this teacher. She says one of her twins, AJ, has terrible allergies, and his health records are on file. He’s allergic to dogs, but that didn’t prevent the school from putting him in the same classroom with one.

”I came to pick him up that Friday and AJ had hives from head to toe and was itching through his skin so bad that he had welts,” said Raye.

Raye says AJ was treated at the hospital, and despite talking with school officials afterward, the dogs returned the following week for a reading program.

“They turn around, they do it again, a second week. And I had to take my son back to the emergency room, stronger dose of steroid, issues with breathing,” Raye said.

Raye says she is keeping her boys out of Fox Elementary for now.

We did reach out to Richmond Public Schools, and they confirmed the teacher, accused of assaulting the first grader, is on administrative leave.