Spring migration proved biosecurity measures to be working in fight against Avian Flu

Published: May. 16, 2023 at 11:55 PM EDT
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - Wild waterfowl are natural carriers of Avian influenza, according to the Virginia Poultry Federation (VPF).

VPF said April and May were the true tests to see if their migration would increase the influenza cases in the Commonwealth once again.

However, according to the Virginia Poultry Federation, no commercial Avian Flu cases have been reported since Jan.

“Cases across the country have dwindled pretty significantly, there’s still a few that pop up from time to time,” Hobey Bauhan, President of the Virginia Poultry Federation said.

In Virginia, Bauhan said throughout the entire outbreak there have only been two cases in commercial flocks.

Those two cases were in Rockingham County.

Although summer months tend to be less likely for an outbreak, Bauhna said it’s not impossible.

”During the heat of the summer months many consider that the risk is lower, however, there have been cases during the summer months throughout this outbreak, and even historically, it’s not a risk-free situation,” he said.

Bauhan said the biosecurity measures put in place have held up to keep outbreaks in flocks low.

“In the commercial industry, we talk about a line of separation at the poultry house door for each of your poultry houses, just have that strict line of separation and consider everything on the outside of that to be dirty and make sure that you’re not dragging anything in across that line that could be contaminated,” Bauhan said.