FBI, Attorney General investigating Enrichmond Foundation missing money

Now, that missing money is under the microscope with the FBI and Virginia Attorney General on the case.
Published: Apr. 5, 2023 at 3:22 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - More than 80 nonprofits helping those around Richmond are out around $200,000. Now, that missing money is under the microscope with the FBI and Virginia Attorney General on the case.

“This was always a criminal case. This was always criminal activity, and that is why we called for a criminal investigation,” said Stephanie Lynch with Richmond City Council.

Since around the 1990′s, the Enrichmond Foundation helped smaller organizations by handling finances, insurance and providing them with nonprofit status.

But last July, Enrichmond’s board voted to suddenly dissolve, leaving those who relied on the group as a bank account without a dime.

“If you go up to somebody and rob them at gunpoint, you sit in jail, but if you do it in a way that’s white collar, it does seem like you can get away with it,” said Mac Wood, Friends of Pump House.

Mac Wood with Friends of Pump House says his group is out more than $30,000. Meanwhile, Richmond Tree Stewards, another group that relied on the foundation, lost about $29,000.

“It is extremely good news for us to see finally someone is looking into what happened, and hopefully that will lead to the people response being held accountable,” said Dave Pohlmann, Richmond Tree Stewards.

City leaders are proposing setting aside $250,000 in the upcoming budget to establish the Richmond Outdoor and Prosperity Fund.

“That will be a source of money for us. It’s not intended to make us whole. It’s basically another resource for these organizations,” said Pohlmann.

The affected groups could ask a committee for cash to complete projects.

“We are going to prioritize those funds for folks who have projects that were waiting in the wings, for which many of our organizations did,” said Councilor Lynch.

NBC12 has also learned Enrichmond Foundation has not filed the necessary paperwork with the state to dissolve.