Sen. Kaine speaks on unidentified objects shot down by U.S.

Published: Feb. 16, 2023 at 5:59 PM EST
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - President Joe Biden says the last three unidentified objects shot down by the U.S. military were likely tied to private institutions or research, not China.

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine (D) is one of the lawmakers being briefed on this ever-evolving situation.

Kaine says one of his biggest concerns is what would happen if a passenger plane encountered one of these UFOs.

“We need to, as an Armed Services Committee and other committees, particularly Homeland Security, kind of dig into this issue of even if these were, quote ‘benign, unidentified aerial platforms,’ why were they in civilian airspace without any sort of signature or permission?” Kaine said.

Senator Kaine says more information will come to light as these objects are recovered and investigated.

“Why would there be any objects up in civilian airspace, without permission or without clear markings or without transmitting signals that would enable them to be picked up on radar?” Kaine said. “Some of this might be diplomatic efforts to craft international rules about use of space. [We’re] very committed to get to the bottom of these issues.”

“I don’t think they’re benign if they’re in civilian airspace in ways that pose a potential danger to civilian aircraft,” Kaine said. “If we don’t have protocols to deal with that, and we need to, and some of those, we could develop on our own because of its airspace over the U.S., we could develop rules and make sure everybody follows them”

President Biden Says he wants to update the rules and regulations for launching and maintaining unmanned objects in skies over the U.S.

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