Delegate Hudson arguing for more funds to go to Virginia’s schools

Published: Feb. 9, 2023 at 2:11 PM EST
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Thursday, February 9, marked Budget Day in Richmond, and tax breaks and teacher pay are two of the topics state legislators are discussing.

“My top priority is public education,” 57th District Delegate Sally Hudson (D) said. “If you’re somebody who just found out your property tax bill is going up and you also care about public education, you should be pointing a finger at the state saying, ‘Why are you cutting taxes for the biggest corporations?’”

The delegate says the trade offs are clear: Republicans want $500 million in tax cuts. Hudson says Democrats want to use that same money for school funding.

“If Republicans are not willing to invest in our schools, they owe Virginians answers about what they will do. I don’t know how we can solve our massive teacher shortage if we don’t pay teachers competitive salaries. I don’t know how we recover from COVID learning loss without essential support staff,” she said.

Hudson says making these tax cuts does not help the every day family. Most wouldn’t see even $50 back.

“We can cut the corporate tax rate for the biggest businesses, we can send that same money to finally fully fund the state share of critical support staff in our schools,” Hudson said.

The delegate says this is important for equity.

“As a teacher, my top priority will always be public education. Our schools are engines of upward mobility, for all of our kids and families, and they’re cornerstones of our communities,” Hudson said.

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