Charlottesville taking applications to replace Councilor Magill

Published: Jan. 4, 2023 at 4:54 PM EST
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The process to find a new Charlottesville City Councilor is beginning.

This comes after a surprising announcement by Sena Magill who is resigning her seat on Charlottesville City Council. Magill made her announcement during councilors’ meeting Tuesday, January 3 citing changing family needs.

City Council has 45 days to find a replacement, and it is calling for applications from the community.

“There’s no formal process for it,” Mayor Lloyd Snook said Wednesday, Jan. 4.

City Council is asking those interested in the position to submit two things: “All we want is a letter, and like, explaining why you want to be on council. Make your argument for why you would be a good person for council to appoint, and then a resume or whatever that would describe what you’ve done with your life and what your credentials are,” the mayor said.

The only requirement is that you are a Charlottesville resident who can vote. The deadline for applications is January 30.

“I think the biggest thing is just trying to ensure there’s someone who shares, as much as possible, Sena’s perspective on a progressive vision of politics, deep care about affordable housing, homelessness, mental health care, social services,” City Councilor Michael Payne said.

The remaining City Council seats, as well as the City Manager, are currently held by men.

“There are other prominent women in other sort of upper middle management kinds of positions, as well, but I think we’re better off if we’ve got at least one woman on council,” Snook said. “That would suggest a preference there, but it’s not a quota.”

After applications are in, there will be a period for people to make comments or endorse candidates. The goal is for City Council to make a decision by February 21.

“Our hope is that we’re able to find someone who has unanimous support, and that we can all get behind for fulfilling the rest of the term,” Payne said.

The new councilor will serve through the end of the year and then has the option to go up for reelection in November.

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