Augusta County couple recovers together after motorcycle accident

Published: Nov. 24, 2022 at 9:52 AM EST
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WEYERS CAVE, Va. (WHSV) - Andrew and Kristy Mackenzie met in 1984.

“Oh gosh, When I saw him I just had this feeling. The way he looked at me and the way I looked at him, it was just amazing,” Kristy Mackenzie explained.

By 1985 they were married. Over several decades the two have traveled the world, had children and grandchildren. They finally settled in Augusta County.

“We’re together, we are a package deal. If I’m somewhere he is with me. If he is somewhere, I’m with him. Very rarely are we not together,” Kristy said.

This year on Father’s Day, the family got together for a cookout at their daughter’s home in Grottoes. The Mackenzies got on their motorcycle to ride home.

“When we turned to come to Weyers Cave. Soon as we turned on that road and waved to our daughter and granddaughter that is the last thing I remember,” Kristy said.

The couple collided with a vehicle.

“A car had run a stop sign,” Andrew said. “I don’t remember any of the wreck but I understand it was at a high rate of speed. That might have been a blessing because the car got out in front of us and we hit it right in the side. "

Andrew and Kristy suffered serious injuries.

“My hip was a huge factor. I had seven broken ribs. I had a broken scapula and a mild concussion, it has been so many little things you wouldn’t have known it. [My] lung was deflated too,” Kristy explained.

“I had a nasal fracture, head concussion, head bleed, I broke my left scapula. I broke four ribs on the left side. My lung collapsed. My pelvis was broken, internal bleeding down there. My back vertebra T13 and T11 which is the vertebra to the side,” Andrew said.

Andrew had to be airlifted to UVA and one of the scariest parts of the entire experience, when Andrew woke up he thought it was 1993.

“That was so scary because when I was able to get to his room, he would look at me but the way he looked at me it was like he was looking through me,” Kristy said.

His memory eventually came back and the two embarked on a journey of recovery. Kristy says when they were finally able to share a room at the hospital things started looking up.

“It was amazing because, within 24 hours, he was asking for our daughter to bring his wallet. I hadn’t thought about that at all. He asked for a mooch, that’s how he asks for a kiss. When he asked for that, I knew I got him back. He was here and it really progressed from there,” Kristy said. “I told them, if he would just get in the same room with me this would happen. "

Over the summer and with the help of their children, grandchildren neighbors and community the Mackenzies went home to recover together. Andrew went back to work in a matter of months, even training for the annual Rocktown Turkey Trot in Harrisonburg.

“This is part of my recovery process. I used to run these before so I’m hoping to get back to that. I feel great, beautiful morning, couldn’t ask for anything better,” Andrew said before running the race on Thursday.