Giant Food and Shady Brook Farms donate 1K turkeys to BRAFB

Published: Nov. 3, 2022 at 4:38 PM EDT
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VERONA, Va. (WVIR) - Giant Food and Shady Brook Farms are making a donation to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank to help families in need during the holidays.

“We’re really excited to be here today to be donating 1,000 turkeys to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank in celebration of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday,” Daniel Wolk said. “The food bank has told us the biggest need is protein.”

BRAFB says many people are ditching the protein, especially meat, in order to cut costs.

“We know that that’s really where a lot of families are cutting back, and the families who are visiting food pantries in our local communities, they’ve already been cutting back,” Michael McKee said. “Having access to high-quality meats is so important, especially for children who are growing and need that protein for their development.”

IRI, a market research firm, says a traditional Thanksgiving meal will cost about 13.5% more this year compared to 2021.

“Hunger is the biggest issue in our region, and it continues to be an issue. So, if we can help one child, one family member, have a full dinner meal that they can enjoy, that’s everything,” Wolk said.

This is just part of Giant and Shady Brook Farms donations to local Feeding America food banks. Their goal is to donate 10,000 turkeys to help alleviate hunger.

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