‘Loop de’Ville’ event held for Rivanna Trail 30th anniversary

Published: Sep. 24, 2022 at 6:57 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - In honor of the 30th anniversary celebration of the Rivanna Trail, people are out hiking, biking, and enjoying all the outdoor activities that the trail provides.

The first day of the celebration, called Loop de’Ville, gave people the chance to explore an added section of the trail.

We have a 20 mile run around the main loop. Next we’ve had a one to two mile hike with over 120 people that we’re venturing out, and soon we’re going to have a bike ride around the main loop,” Rivanna Trail Board Member Allie Hill said.

The event encourages enjoying nature and leaving technology behind. Electronic maps are the only technology that is encouraged.

“People can open a QR code on their phone and Google Maps will pop up and show you with a little blue dot exactly where you are and how to navigate to continue on the trail,” Hill said.

The Rivanna River Conservation Alliance is also holding a river cleanup during the event.

“We are hoping that this event will draw people to draw them to the trail specifically,” Hill said. “This event has brought out volunteers, people clearing the trail picking up trash, and people volunteering to guide trips.”

Dave Stackhouse is the former president of the Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club.

“Mountain bikers build and maintain trails all throughout the Rivanna Trail and other trails, so biking also creates a group of citizen action people who are stewards of our land and our community,” Stackhouse said.

Exploring the trails on a mountain bike puts in work behind the scenes.

“We do reroutes, when it’s poorly designed and gets muddy, we change the trail. We use dirt tools to do those kinds of things. We’ve built new trails when we have opportunities,” Stackhouse said. “Mountain biking keeps you fit, so get out in nature. It gets kids away from phones and video games and creates ownership in the community and a sense of community.”

The event will continue on Sunday, Sept. 25 at Woolen Mills. Here is a link to register.

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