CFD holding inaugural Girls’ Fire & Rescue Camp

Published: Jul. 28, 2022 at 9:22 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Charlottesville Fire Department is hosting its first Girl’s Fire and Rescue camp in its 166 year history.

Five girls are coming together this week to learn all about what it takes to work in the fire and EMS profession. CFD hopes this inspires them to some day join the field.

CFD Girl's Camp
CFD Girl's Camp(CFD)

The department says it is working to bring more women into the fold.

“Lots of times men are the leading figures in jobs and women may think that they aren’t able to do it, but seeing other women doing it, it might just inspire younger girls,” camper Emmie Mohr said.

Over four days, CFD is teaching life-saving skills like search and rescue, how to use a tourniquet, and CPR.

“We decided that there’s nothing like this in our community and that it would be awesome to encourage young ladies to be aware of, that this is a career path that is accessible to them,” CFD Firefighter and EMT Jacqueline Paiva said.

CFD Girl's Camp
CFD Girl's Camp(CFD)

For Paiva, this camp and acting as a role model for these young ladies means a lot.

“Even to be a mom and to be able to to do this and to be someone that young girls are looking at me, like I want to be like her it’s surreal and I appreciate it and I can’t even put into words how much I value this opportunity,” Paiva said.

The camp is free.

“This has given me a lot of I’d say helpful experience for if something ever was to happen, hopefully it won’t, but then I can be ready in situations. So I could be the leading figure, if no one else knew how to do something,” Mohr said.

“It’s been really awesome, you know? Being able to be on the other side of an opportunity where I am now the person showing other people especially young adults, children, what’s possible for us as women is amazing,” Paiva said.

CFD Girl's Camp
CFD Girl's Camp(CFD)

CFD plans to hold this summer camp every summer.

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